“Cleanse me with hyssop, and I will be clean; wash me, and I will be whiter than snow.” (Psalm 51:7)

This winter has finally given us enough evidence to conclude that we Canadians are obligated to talk about the snow. Even though our snowblowers are sitting idle and our shovels are hanging on the wall, we’re still talking about the snow. Have you noticed that all we are left with so far, if any, is “icky” snow? Sand covered, crusty, soggy, trodden, packed down and spotty snow. It surprises me to say this, but I am missing the beauty and brightness of a nice fresh snowfall with the sun seeming to illuminate every fluffy flake. It just seems pure.

King David’s heart had become covered with dirt, crusty, trodden and packed down with sin. David had the guilt of adultery with Bathsheba in his heart and the blood of her husband Uriah’s death on his hands. He could do nothing to change it and there was nothing fresh and pure to come. “My sin is always before me.” (Psalm 51:3b) Then there was hope. David realized he could pray for snow, “wash me, and I will be whiter than snow.”

Over time our hearts accumulate dirt and silt just like the snow banks in the church parking lot and a guilt ridden King. Cry out to Jesus. The depth of his love, the sacrifice of his cross and the assurance of his forgiveness will cleanse and make you white as snow. I dare you to say it with me, let it snow!!